Latote Technology Limited

Latote is a technology startup company established in 2021 which aims to develop and provide technological solutions for the construction industries. Prior to the establishment of this company, we had built up a strong background and network in the construction industry. Over the past months, we have established an effective and interactive interior design platform to provide immersive experiences for the designers and customers, which is known as “virtual interior design.” We have built up an integrated solution for construction and interior design companies not only to provide a design solution, a matching platform, as well as technological solutions for these industries.

Latote Technology Limited

Your construction and design assistant from the future.

Terrence Kwok – Co-Founder of Latote

About Latote

Latote is a new technology company focused on the development of the latest technological solutions for the construction and interior design industries. In the first stage of our development, we dedicated ourselves to developing innovative AR and VR technologies and solutions. We have adopted augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies for the interior design platform. We are passionate about building technologies into real-life applications and creating unique technological solutions. In the latter stage, we target to extend our platform and deliverables to other areas, including providing a one-stop, integrated platform to match various stakeholders in the construction business, including furniture suppliers, electrical appliance suppliers, decorators, interior designers, construction, safety, insurance, and other related parties.

Advanced Living Interior Design AI

Your personal technical consultant for all kinds of IT applications.

Lawrence Cheung – Founder of Latote

In addition, we intend to provide innovative technology solutions to the construction industries, such as using big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) to support matching, interior design, sales, marketing, etc. Our company solves the problem of the abundance of resources and materials by making use of the latest digital technologies such as using autonomous and robotic solutions to support the monitoring and recording of the construction progress, etc.


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LaToTe is a new technology company focusing on the development of the immersive computer applications. We dedicated ourselves to develop innovative AR/VR technologies and solutions.