FOR the future

Fast Turnaround & Efficient Works

Save your time on communications between designers, constructors, & clients by high-fidelity Mixed Reality.

Smart Design Recommendations

Reinforcement learning design suggestions for designers to work smart & efficiently with user preferences.

One-stop design & construction Services

Design your dream house, envision the design, & make it comes true with the help of the professional parties.

Research & Development

Virtual Interior Design

We have developed and integrated the mixed reality features. It enables the design concept to be illustrated, providing the effect of proof-of-concept to the clients. The feature of the platform can achieve real-time interaction and visualize high-fidelity furniture models, and a wide range of design models for interior designers and clients.


Intelligent Matching Platform

Intelligently match with all the parties you need including designers, decorations, clerk of works, furniture retailers, material suppliers, & insurances.

Residential Solution

Begin with your personal draft design, and we will find you the best party to fulfill your requirements.

Corporate Solution

Offering high quality design & construction services to offices, schools, kindergartens, clubhouses, public playgrounds, etc.

Customized Solution

Offering high variety of services that you may need including furniture/ materials purchasing, designers/ workers hiring, etc.


Our Pricing

There are free packages for consumers to try out the basic features which lower new users’ barriers to entry. You can join our solution platform with any advanced packages which provide you with higher efficiency of smart AI workflow, more effective communications, and high-fidelity models simulation. We also offer free consultations for you providing with the best solution.

Free Trial

Immersive Design Visuals

Design and Build

Consultation and Support

Limited Design Tools



Per Month

Enterprise Package

Immersive Design Visuals

Design and Build

Consultation and Support

AI Design Assistant

Customizable Design Models


By Project


Ready To Start New Project With LATOTE?

LaToTe is a new technology company focusing on the development of the immersive computer applications. We dedicated ourselves to develop innovative AR/VR technologies and solutions.

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