Football Simulator with Skeletal Tracking 

Virtual Football Game with Body Tracking

The Football Simulator with Skeletal Tracking, a joint venture with IVE (Kwun Tong), uses cutting-edge skeletal tracking technologies to create a personalized and realistic gameplay experience. 

Key Features

Advanced Skeletal Tracking

The simulator employs sophisticated skeletal tracking technologies to capture and process player movements in real time, resulting in highly responsive in-game character control. 

Personalized Gameplay

By analyzing and learning from the tracked skeletal data, the simulator customizes gameplay to each user’s physical abilities and playing style.

Realistic Match Simulation

The integration of skeletal tracking with advanced AI algorithms allows the simulator to emulate realistic football matches, featuring authentic player movements and tactically intelligent AI opponents. 

Educational Potential

Like the VR Multiplayer Football Simulator, this project offers significant educational value, serving as a platform for studying topics such as biomechanics, sports science, and AI. 


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